Invest Homes (Invest Emlak) is a local, independent Turkish real estate company that was founded in 2003 by a Norwegian-Turkish couple living in Side in Turkey. We are a family run business with a focus on the needs of the individual customer. We have sold hundreds of properties to Europeans who have chosen to buy their second home on the Turkish Riviera. We have experience, local knowledge and competence regarding laws and regulations in Turkey.

Buying a property abroad is not always the easiest thing, a foreign culture, language problems and unknown bureaucracy make it difficult. That is why we in Invest Homes help you all the way, from planning the inspection trip, showing a wide range of properties in different towns and areas, legal and financial advices, completing the sales process, registration in all public offices, help for furniture and decoration and a wide range of after sale services. We also help you renting out your property. Long-term client relationships are essential for us so we are always ready to help and advise you.