Turkey is a country that has so much to offer. Most holiday makers only come to the coast to experience the beautiful beaches and the favourable climate. But you will really miss out on fantastic places if you only stay on the beach. The nature in Turkey is breathtaking with plenty of national parks and fantastic oppotunities for hikes and trekking. The country is the cradle of civilizations with a history of human habitation that goes back 25.000 years. The Hittits, Hellens, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, Ottomans and a many other civilizations rose and fell here through history and you can find traces of all these cultures in the historical sites. Modern Turkey is a mosaic of various ethnic groups, a country where different religions live together and it is a mixture of modernity and traditionalism. It is a heaven for gourmets as it has got one of the richest and best cuisines in the world at really affordable prices.

Our company has a licence as a travel agency and we can prepare any kind of tailor made holiday to suite your wishes and interests. We offer private adventure holidays combined with local culture and history at reasonable prices in Turkey and Iran. Let us customize your most memorable holiday.

In a tailor made tour you can choose the dates, destinations and your accommodation style. We can offer you active holidays with sports and arts, gourmet trips, photography, arckeology and much more. We also offer study tours for university groups. These tours can be combined with visits to Turkish universities.

Send us an e-mail with information about the places you want to visit and your interests and we will prepare a program that will fit your needs.

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